In the wake of COVID-19, Multiplying Good is living our mission: To activate and elevate the power of service to others.


Service offers a powerful solution. It feels good and soothes anxiety. It builds community. It changes lives.


In the coming weeks and months, we will repurpose our time and energy to identify and activate solutions, build community, and recognize good.


Starting with Service From Your Sofa projects to support those impacted by coronavirus that you and your families can do from the safety of your home.

Multiplying Good During COVID-19

Answering a Call For ServiceĀ 

As an organization founded on the principle of multiplying good during challenging times, we are reminded of the vital role service to others plays in our lives every day and especially in times such as these.

We are uniquely positioned to give our constituents and others direct access to these resources. In doing so, we amplify our mission, provide much-needed support to our partners, and inspire service in communities across the country. 

We are offering easy to do projects to do Service From Your Sofa  and meaningful guides created by our partners at Deloitte focused on resources for small businesses and non-profits.


Through our programs, people of all ages are discovering just how positively they can impact the lives of those around them.


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A Role for Everyone

Supporting Self and Community

With a mission to help individuals realize their ability to bring meaningful change to their world, Multiplying Good is delivering impact across Los Angeles. Through immersive training, activation opportunities, and direct ties to a national awards platform, we are helping people grow as leaders, and producing ripples of good in neighborhoods like yours.

Spreading the Word

Proving the Power of Service

Each and every day, individual acts of kindness and goodness are multiplied through our organization. Here are a few powerful examples.