Deon Joseph is a Multiplying Good One in a Million Award recipient. They are among the millions of people who are putting others first and using service as a solution to the problems we're facing. Read his story below then nominate someone who's making a difference during this unprecedented time!

One in a Million Award recipient: Deon Joseph

Where they are multiplying good: Los Angeles, CA

How they are multiplying good: Sr. Lead Officer Deon Joseph serves in the Central Division of the Los Angeles Police Department, an area better known as Skid Row. Officer Joseph uses compassion to serve the humanity of the people that society has neglected, abused and abandoned. Officer Joseph leads with his heart and views all people as equal and deserving of respect and dignity. This is how he administers justice and fights to maintain peace and hope among our most hopeless population. Office Joseph's work had lead him to many platforms from middle school classrooms to church pulpits to conferences to TED talks where he discusses personal integrity and the much needed reform in community / police relations. His tireless efforts are to be commended and supported to bring desperately needed change to our criminal construct. In honoring Officer Joseph's work, I nominate Sr. Lead Officer Deon Joseph as a One In A Million award recipient.